Four Seasons Range Of Soils and Improvers

Pine Bark Mulch

pine bark mulch Perfect for the hot summers in Perth, Pine bark mulch is affordable looks great and retains ground moisture. Early summer is the best time to mulch or re-mulch your garden.

We recommend applying a 10cm layer of mulch to all garden beds as this will help maintain ground moisture as well as reducing your watering needs.

Soil Improver

soil improversYour plants will love our soil improver as it’s a blend of rich black peat, composted steer manure, yard and garden compost and washed weed free sand. This blend is a “ready to grow” soil, with a peat base ensuring moisture retention.

Potting Mix

potting mix perthA blend of Pine Bark, Sawdust, Coarse Sand and Humus. Our Potting Mix is best described as a Free Draining General Purpose Potting Mix. No fertilizers or trace elements are added thus making it suitable for all plant types, from native to tropical plants.

Sheep & Chicken Manure

garden manure wannerooFour Seasons Plants & Garden Decor has all of your manure needs covered with a range of sheep and chicken manure in ready to collect bags. Both sheep manure and chicken manure provide outstanding compost for growing vegetable and native gardens. Added to existing soil, this compost provides slow release fertilization while adding extra organics to your soil base

Basalt Stone - Available by the trailer

basalt perthBasalt's main application is as a decorative mulch or as a finishing touch in water features. Available by the trailer load Basalt stone is a welcome addition to any tropical or contemporary garden. Basalt stone is a very dark grey and black when wet. It's dark appearance, particularly when wet, is a cost effective but also stylish alternative to pebbles.